God Calling Film Review
April 16, 2021

Why God’s Calling is breaking the internet. 

Use your own Netflix account or borrow someone else’s because God’s Calling is the current film of the season!

“I was so angry at God…”

“Nobody understood what I was going through because they were not me…”

“I didn’t want to do life anymore and I would have escaped it if I knew how…”

These are the openings to the conversations sparked by watching the emotional response of Sade, the mother. We get her, we just don’t always talk about it but we definitely get her. 

The movie is deep and has so many layers and levels. It literally appeals to everyone because everybody can relate to the two big themes: 

  1. The trauma of “Loss”
  2. The loss that follows trauma

The film follows the pain of a family’s loss of their only child and the journey through the grief to the seemingly distant place of healing. 

The Trauma of Loss

It couldn’t be a more perfect time to enjoy the catharsis of this film with so much loss having taken place in this past year: loss of lives, loss of jobs, loss of stability and loss of mental health all played a prominent feature in our minds and prayers. The film echoes the questions and emotions that many are often to ashamed to voice out loud. It explores how the perfect life actually only rests on pins balanced in place and the minute one is taken out, the whole structure comes crashing down – leaving crush victims in its wake. Perfection on Earth is never permanent – a reality that is painful to grasp. The film is very well done but this trauma is depicted by a very classic, Mount Zion-style green screen scene where Sade is surrounded by some form of fire; I give it credit for being an unforgettable scene. 

The film very boldly addresses how loss can lead to suicide and explores that with sensitivity as well as a spiritual solution. 

The Loss that Follows Trauma

It wasn’t just the little girl that we see lost in the tragic accident. We see relationships lost in the family. When pain gets into bed with you, there’s no space for anyone else. Trauma is like an unwanted house guest who takes up too much room, eats all your food and sends everyone else outside looking to replace what Trauma has depleted while you sit and keep Trauma company. So many of us can relate to this – the active pushing away of people and the often unwanted drawing away of others. The film creates a safe space to ponder and think about some of the decisions we may have made in the wake of trauma. Apart from the loss of relationship with others, there’s the massively common loss of relationship with God shown here. Loss of self control, loss of sense of self, loss of identity and loss of hope are also expertly depicted in the film. 

The internet is breaking because everyone who has watched this film feels like there is someone who can relate to their sufferings. What does that tell us? It tells us that we need to be more relatable and transparent. A great film that has brought to light our need to speak and share when we have the strength. 

Watch this movie and join the conversation!

Written by Alaroker


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