Focus Nights Feature: Infidel
April 20, 2021

Rated: 18+ (adult themes, expletives and violence)

Genre: Action, drama

Starring: Claudia Karvan, Hal Ozsan, Stelio Savante

Director: Cyrus Nowrasteh

Last month on March 18th, Focus Nights featured Infidel, not a Christian film, but a film with the pertinent theme of Christian persecution in the Middle East. 

The film is about an American journalist who goes to the Middle East to speak at a conference and gets kidnapped for sharing some offensive truths. His wife never wanted him to go and though she works for the State Department, the US Government are unwilling to help bring him back home. With no other choice, his wife risks her life and goes in search of him, refusing to allow him to become another forgotten prisoner of the Middle East. 

The film is an excellent film as it doesn’t have a predictable storyline – there aren’t many movies that touch on the reality of the very real persecution of Christians. The Amazon Watch Party chat went absolutely silent due to the sheer atmosphere of suspense when he spoke out, when he was taken and when he was longing for a way of escape. 

Although highly captivating, this film is not family friendly and includes frequent use of a number of expletives. 

As mentioned above, it is not a Christian film which makes it a great evangelistic tool for a movie night with friends or colleagues. It also raises questions for everyone who calls themselves a follower of Christ: 

  • Are you aware and do you care about the plight of Christian brothers and sisters living in the persecuted world?
  • Would you be able to boldly speak the Gospel, no matter the cost to your life?
  • Do you take for granted the privilege of living in a persecution-free world?
  • How do you keep pushing through in spite of the negative attention you know you will get for speaking out?

These questions and many more were answered with such wisdom at the ever-insightful, post-film Panel Discussion. We had the privilege of unpacking the film with Director, Cyrus Nowrasteh who tells us the behind the scenes experiences including the danger that the team faced, simply because of filming in the Middle East. He spoke powerfully on how to overcome resistance. Chioma from Release International, a charity that helps persecuted Christians worldwide, spoke passionately and shared stories to help us see that this wasn’t just a movie; all were exceptionally touched when she explained how many women in the Muslim world risk their lives every time the carry their Bibles that are disguised as Qurans. Michael Ominiyi, Founder of Our God Given Mission, gave us the much needed insight into why “Millennials” lack boldness and conviction to share their faith whilst Benjamin Ajala, a seasoned evangelist, gave us tips on how to effectively share our faith with as many people as possible. 

It’s not too late to join the discussion because persecution is a Christian concept that should always be at the forefront of our minds. 

Make sure you don’t miss the next one. We’ll be back with another film in June!

Written by Alaroker


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