Breakthrough Film Review – by Alaroker
March 6, 2021

Review by Alaroker

Thursday 25th July went down in the books, not just for being the hottest day on record but also for being the most emotional Focus Night to date with the screening of Devon Franklin’s “Breakthrough”, a film that critics unequivocally describe as inspirational.

Brief overview

The film revolves around the story of a teenage boy from St Louis who ventures out onto a frozen lake during a very icy, very cold winter’s day. With the ice being thin, it gives way and he sinks under. Immediately, the viewer is swept up into the journey that his family and friends embark on, beginning with his rescue and hoping for his recovery. In a film where logic and faith battle to the end, breath-holding, breathtaking and tear jerking moments are a prominent part of the movie experience.

Opinions of the focus night

The gripping storyline was interwoven with light comedy and coupled with the high quality performances (especially from the boy’s mother), the audience were able to thoroughly enjoy the cinematic experience. Laughter rose up from the audience at the same time, as did gasps and sniffs and this characteristic oneness of the attendees set the scene nicely for the Q&A that followed.

Susan Deborahs, author, speaker and founder of Coffee and Prayer U.K. alongside Reverend Wonu Adefala, preacher and founder of Eleuthera shared their powerful insight on some of the major themes that emerged on screen: faith, identity and pain.

The panel discussion was described by a member of the audience as, “Essential… believers coming together allowed people to get honest about real life issues,” and indeed it was, with the esteemed panelists sharing the wisest of views on some of the rawest of topics. Everyone left Screen 4 with food for thought.


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